Monday, November 19, 2012

Skateboards For Skill Levels - Top 3 Out of 10

Most professional skaters have had their beginnings around the age of 12 or younger with a few of the top 10 skateboards of their generation. However, generations change, and manufacturers put their designs in overdrive every year to come up with boards that are sleeker, more unique, and skill-changing to riders of any age. Approaching the end of 2012, we answer the question of top 10 with 3 of the leading brands thus far.


Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard
Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

This is a skateboard designed for every skill-level. The wide deck accommodates the wobbles of a beginner, while the gripped top board and high-rebound wheels are perfect for those kick-flips and rail riders of advanced rollers. Made in China, these boards have a theme inspired by the Chinese belief in dragons, allowing the boarders to "feel" the power and beauty of this mythical creature through the bottoms of their feet.


PRO Checker Pattern
PRO Skateboard Complete Pre-Built Checker Pattern Skateboard

This is a favorite among young boarders (and their parents) because everything for the board is included in the set. There's no looking elsewhere for the bits and pieces to complete the board! The checkered deck comes in cool color combinations for personal expression, while aluminum wheels provide a sturdy constant roll for beginners and pros alike. Totaling out at 7 pounds, it's light and compact enough to store away in a locker or backpack.


Eyeball Complete Skateboard
Airwalk Undone Eyeball Complete Skateboard

The maple wood deck is made from a durable 9-ply construction and decaled with a super-cool ghoulish image. As if trailing in the wind of the rider, the eyeball decal is adhered and glossed to ensure a smooth finish, despite the wear and tear of every boarding. A double kick-tail allows for new tricks and old with the precision of an advanced professional.


Get a look at the current overall top selling skateboards this year:

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