Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bikes For Kids - The YBike Balances

Is your child tired of training wheels? Has he or she not quite mastered the balance of a real bicycle yet? Some bikes for kids are old-fashioned, out-of-date, and produce more problems than solutions when it comes to teaching children how to ride.

The typical training wheels bike might also get your child picked on if they're a little above the age where their friends deem it necessary to know how to ride a "big kid" bike. Give your kids the opportunity to impress their peers with a "training" bike that has the appearance and function of a low-riding traditional bicycle.

YBike Balance Bikes @ Amazon

The YBike Balance Bike

Available in green, brilliant blue, orange, and hot pink, this is the perfect starter for toddlers and late bloomers. Designed to resemble a hardcore motor-bike, the balancer uses 3 thick wheels to teach children to keep their balance on a traditional bicycle. The "training" wheels are lumped together in the back to give the impression of 1. Made from durable high-impact plastic, kids will use their feet for pedals as they learn to keep their body cores strong during the ride on their "big kid" bike. The bigger wheels allow a child to maintain balance while still being able to lean side to side when turning. The seat is also placed high-enough that kids aren't in danger of riding over their own feet.

Not only will the Balance bike teach your kids how to ride a real bicycle, it also promotes self-confidence and a can-do attitude. In a brief study from the creators of the YBike, kids who practiced 20 to 30 minutes at least twice a week showed significant improvement in their ability to balance their bodily weight when on a bike. They also showed advancement in their motivation to do things on their own, with confidence and self-assurance.


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