Monday, November 5, 2012

The Wagons for Kids Question - And Answers!

What are the best wagons for kids? This is the question on many parents minds around Christmas time as letters to Santa are mailed. On the top of some of those lists are wagons for the transportation of entire tea parties (complete with teddy bears) and action figures. Or, some kids go all-out and ask for wagons with the thought of enslaving their older siblings, bribing them to pull wherever the passenger would like to go. Whatever your child's reason for the Christmas request, the following are a couple that meet the parental criterion for the "best" in wagons for children.


Little Red Wagon @ Amazon
Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon

Do you remember the song about "bumping up and down" in a "little red wagon?" This one brings it all to life in a smaller dose for this generation. Considered a classic design, this wagon is a seamless all-steel design with the company's logo emblazoned in white on the each side. The wheels are molded and thick for stability, while a working handle has a safety designed solid grip. It serves all the aforementioned purposes! Plus, it doesn't rust easily, which means the occasional night left out in the rain won't be a big deal.


Lil' Wagon @ Amazon
Little Tykes Lil' Wagon

Two words go a long way to describe this wagon... super cute! Meant for indoor and outdoor play, this red wagon is molded from high-quality plastic that wipes clean of all toddler messes. It's a quick assembly straight from the box and there are no batteries, volts, or electronic-anything required. Only good ole' fashioned pulling power! The thick tires are perfect for the smooth surfaces of kitchen floors (without scuffing), but also sturdy enough to withstand the rough terrain of an outdoor playground. For ages 18 months and up, this is ranked the best as a starter wagon for the toddler generation.

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