Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Melissa and Doug Toys For Builders - The Best of 2012

Is your child excelling in his preschool art class with molding, building, and displaying his little masterpieces? Do you think he may be too young for LEGOs, but too old for the tinker toy building logs? The best Melissa and Doug toys are those that fit into a child's life at the "just right" age where nothing else seems to be entertaining or engaging enough. Children might become frustrated with being too young for one thing, and too old for another, but they'll always have a place with M&D toys designed for that tough in-between age.

What are some examples?


Melissa & Doug 100-Piece Wood Blocks
Melissa & Doug 100-Piece Wood Blocks Set

The perfect starter set for the building novice, this set includes 100 multi-colored different shaped pieces for stackable, countable, wrecking fun. Kids are encouraged to use their imaginations to construct beautiful structures before knocking them down and starting from scratch allover again. There's as much thrill in destroying their cities as there is in building them! They'll be thrilled to play Godzilla in a structure they've created, making ferocious "ROAR" noises as they stomp and spread their vibrant blocks around. The best part is each block is made with thick durable wood, providing kids with a toy they can get rough with.


Shape, Model, and Mold
Melissa & Doug Shape, Model, and Mold

Akin to a cleaner version of play dough, these modeling clays come in four colors (yellow, green, blue, and red) for an afternoon of molding entertainment. This set also includes five wooden stamping cubes with big grips for easier function, three rolling pins, and a patterned wheel press - all to make the most out of your child's imaginative building. It's also easy to clean with just soap, water, and a towel for drying. Your little artist will go from drawing on the walls to sculpting masterpieces in a matter of hours.


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