Monday, November 19, 2012

2012 Melissa & Doug Toys - Top Classic Picks

Sometimes it's hard to weed out the classic toys of high quality from those that will fall apart within 5 minutes of having it out of the box. That's why Melissa and Doug toys 2012 are by far the best gizmos and gadgets for learning, flourishing, and imaginative toddlers. A few popular classics that people are searching for the most this year are...


Melissa and Doug Deluxe Latches Board

Deluxe Latches Board
Little girls and boys are naturally curious and will get in everything! This board allows them to explore what's behind those shiny latches and brass locks. There are 6 miniature doors - all with locked flaps that are waiting to be unlatched. Brightly colored for a child's interest and amusement, each door hides a number, shape, and funny character. It's like hide and seek with pictures! Older children can also use this as a memory board. Can you remember which character hides behind door number 4?


Melissa and Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

Wooden Shape Sorting Clock
This wooden clock is simple in design and idea. Slotted with colored shapes, this toy serves several purposes to a child's learning experience. First, they can learn to count with the numbers on each block, followed by a lesson in telling time with an hour and minute hand at the clock's center. Each block is also shaped and must be put in its proper place for the clock to be accurate.


Melissa and Doug Deluxe Magnetic Fishing Game

Magnetic Fishing Game
Parents will probably remember something like this from when they were little. Every generation seems to have one of these games! Kids can "fish" with their magnetized pole among a sea of oddly shaped and numbered fish. This can be a great way to learn counting. Or if a child is looking for a more challenging game, kids can take turns and see who can score the most by catching the highest numbered fish.


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