Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Spy Gear For Kids - Keep it Secret

Wild Planet Lazer Tripwire
Sometimes the kids I babysit are so mischievous that I wonder if they'll be spies in their adult careers. This got me thinking... Are there any decent spy toys for kids? Or should I not encourage their stealthy, secretive ways? Against better judgment, I've decided to grace my sneaky charges with every nanny's worst nightmare... Spy gear! Below are a few of the toys I've been considering...

Wild Planet Lazer Tripwire

Sometimes the hardest part of my job is getting the twin 6 year olds to go to sleep when their parents are out for the night. They hate bedtimes and complain of boogeymen hiding under their bed, in their closet, and wherever else a boogeyman could squeeze. These devices act as sensors around their room - kind of like their own high-tech security system for all those things that go bump in the night. The 3 lazers can be moved to any point in the room as long as the sensors are facing each other, forming a tripwire line that will emit a siren-like sound (tolerable!).


Ultimate Spy Watch
Spygear Ultimate Spy Watch

I will, of course, be buying two of these because the twins aren't big on sharing. These watches have 8 high-tech functions that include message capsules and spy paper. There are also motion detectors on each watch for them to wear when they fall asleep and still need to keep those pesky boogeymen at bay. To protect against intruders (and each other), there's a locking mechanism on each watch that can only be opened by a secret code that the wearer has set. I figure this will also be a great way for them to bond as brothers, rather than fight in that eternal sibling rivalry. Or it could go the other way with a Spy Vs. Spy sort of thing.

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