Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tables For Trains - The Space Savers

Did you just buy your kids one of the best toy trains sets, complete with 500 interconnecting pieces that are currently strewn across your living room floor? It might not be a case of laziness that has your home looking like a wind-blown train station. It could be that the trains and tracks just have nowhere else to go with the toy box filled to overflowing - which means you wind up with less carpet space. What are the best options for someone with a child loaded down with new train accessories?

Ride Around Train Set and Table

KidKraft Ride Around Train Set and Table

Fitted with two separate side bins for optimum storage, this table set comes with 100 colorful pieces of train, track, and flattop surface. It's an extension for an already existing train set, while the surface is large enough for multiple children to play all at once. Compatible with most train sets, this table is durable and built from high-grade wood - which means your rough and tumble toddlers won't be able to bend or break this with their usual savage attack on playtime. For that extra energetic excitement that all children will love when the trains get a little too boring, there's a helicopter airport building beside the track. Kids can soar above the cities, taking in the sights and watching as the trains race on beneath them.


Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table
KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table

Another train table built to withstand the wear and tear of rambunctious children, this one features a silk-screened landscape under a translucent surface. Three plastic bins fit easily underneath the table for extra storage space, while the entire structure is 100% chip resistant. A total weight of 52 pounds will make it easier for parents to tote from one area to another; although, it will stay in one spot if a child decides to shove the trains a little too hard.


Find these and other selections among the best kids toy trains this year:


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