Monday, March 11, 2013

5-Year Olds & Their Scooters

Known as the in-between age, 5 years old is usually when kids are looking to push their boundaries and delve into the world of personal interests. Some children will look towards art, while others might opt for sporty fun in the great outdoors. Some kids are adept at handling both of these hobby areas with ease, alternating between the outdoors and artistic creation with the best scooters for 5-year olds. Perfect for kids who want to express themselves with a smooth ride on a decal-laden device, our short-list of scooters are colorful, expressive, unique, and ideal for allowing children a small amount of personal freedom.

Our favorites are:


Radio Flyer Style N' Ride Scooter

This scooter is super-cool because it's equipped with an array of neat color bands around the adjustable deck shaft. 70 stickers in a variety of kid-friendly patterns (such as flowers, hearts, swirls, and peace signs) are bright and shiny against a pink background. Smooth riding wheels ensure a soft glide with a smooth, effortless rear-wheel brake for quick, safe stops. It's the ultimate customizable scooter that little ladies will be most appreciative of. Plus, it's available in a wide range of contrasting blush-similar hues for the ultra girly-girls.


Y-volution Yfliker F1 Scooter

Comprised of a lightweight frame that single-handedly folds for easy twist-and-stow storage, this scooter is a different breed of cool. A weight limit of up to 143 pounds ensures your child will ride this for years to come. The innovative 3-wheel design is stretched over a double-tail deck for side-to-side carving, drifting trickery, and the ultimate smooth riding action. The adjustable handle is tilted inwards slightly to provide padded, durable steering to teach kids how to balance and turn at the same time. This scooter is ideal for on-the-go families who want to stow their modes of transportation quickly from one place to another.

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