Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Character Scooters For 4-Year Olds

There's nothing that makes the best scooters for 4-year olds even better than character artwork and customizable decals. What little lady doesn't love the charm of a Disney princess in all her royal and moral glory? Who's ever heard of a little boy who wants nothing to do with Batman and his avenging protection over Gotham City? You can't go wrong with princesses and superheroes! Prepare your tiny toddler to save the world or rule it with our short-list selection of scooters for the everyday crime-fighter or tea party princess.


VMG Batman 3-Wheel Scooter

Decaled with an image of Batman from his golden days, this scooter features a durable frame with 3-wheel design. The handlebar is equipped with PVC grips and a wide footboard. 2 rear wheels stabilize the entire scooter, allowing 1 wheel to glide and steer in a smooth, effortless stride. The concept of 2 rear wheels and a single frontal wheel assists in teaching young riders how to stay balanced, resulting in fewer 'starter' injuries. More cool graphics are stuck to the sides and deck, displaying the old-school Batman in all his "BAM!" glory. This particular scooter is also able to hold up to 85 pounds, following your child well into his or her pre-teen, and even teenage, years.


Huffy Disney Princess Lights and Sounds Scooter

Conceptualized from retro designs of the 1930's, this scooter is rife with princess styles in hues of contrasting pink and purple. 2 wheels in the front add ease to steering, while the single wheel in the back provides new riders with a stable surface for effortless gliding and balancing. The construction is reminiscent of tried-and-true scooters from decades ago, with an adjustable handlebar to add a modern, kid-friendly touch. Decaled with hearts and Disney royalty, this scooter is perfect for little ladies who enjoy the glam of a princess life.


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