Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Funky Scooters For 5-Year Olds

News Flash! There are no cookie-cutter kids because all children enjoy different things with varying hues and general interests. 4 and up is when kids really start developing their own personalities, likes, and dislikes, making the task of finding cool toys a difficult one. For some parents, the search ends with our short-list of scooters for 5-year-old kids. For the post-toddlers who are always on the go, these miniature adjustable devices are perfect for learning balance and coordination with a little independence thrown in for good measure. Combine each of these scooters with a safety set of pads and a helmet for a secure ride that any freedom-loving 5-year-old can enjoy.

Our favorites are:


Razor A Kick Scooter

If you're looking for classic with a cool colored twist, this scooter reigns supreme. It features a traditional design of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum with an adjustable handlebar and balanced double wheels of stable urethane. 5 ABEC bearings ensure a smooth glide with a single kick, whereas the whole deck and handles fold for convenient carrying and simple storage. Seven super-cool colors brightly express children's unique personality, accommodating them for years to come with a weight capacity of 143 pounds.


Razor Wild Style Kick Scooter

Colored with a funky graffiti style, this scooter features 14 spoke hubs on a double-wheeled design comprised of urethane materials for durability and a silken ride. A maximum weight of 143 pounds will follow your child through the years, providing an effortless, dependable way for your flourishing pre-teen to gain a little independence. A rear fender brake makes perfect, injury-free stops, especially when accompanied by the essential safety gear set that can be purchased separately. For instant storage in a cubby, locker, or around the house, the entire scooter has a store-footprint for single-handed folding in record time.

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