Monday, December 2, 2013

New Stuffies & Youngsters That Love Them

There are some brand-names that achieve greatness in the kiddie world without even trying! Stuffies in 2013 is one of those names.

They’ve really hit the proverbial nail with their line of adorable, cuddly animals with matching storybooks in custom-cutesy pouches.

There are 7 secret compartments in each stuffed animal, providing children with locations to hide their most valued treasures. Plus, the featured on-the-go book is all about the Stuffie! For example, Blaze the Dragon comes with a tale all about himself. And likewise with Muddzie the Pig, Dash the Horse, and several other awesome new Stuffies!

Here is a bit of info on three favorites:


Stuffies - Bravo the Bear

Supersized and oh-so-cute, Bravo is a Brown Bear with a heart of gold!

He’s a snuggler – a bedtime buddy that will keep your kiddo’s boogeymen at bay all through the evening hours. And his overall message and moral is… it’s what inside that counts!

With 7 hidden compartments for secret-keeping, Bravo packs a wallop of cuteness on the exterior, and protect your child’s most valuable secrets and trinkets on the interior.

His 33-page tale is all about being helpful and making friends – looking on the inside rather than the outside when it comes to creating new relationships and bonding with new companions.


Stuffies – Shuffles the Turtle

Shuffles is anything but slow! He’s a turtle – so, of course, the stigma would be that he’s incredibly slow-moving, slacking, and maybe even lazy. But this reptile proves everyone wrong!

He’s super-soft, ultra-cuddly, and perfect for chasing away a child’s nightmares at high-speeds.

His story details his journey from laughed-at loner to best befriended in 33 pages of morals, lessons, and fun-filled surprises. His book is beautifully illustrated and rife with color – and there’s even a few poems for good measure!


Stuffies - Stomper the Dinosaur

Stomper is a dinosaur with massive, plush feet and a beautiful, super-sweet heart!

He’s allover purple with a pink spine (also super-soft) and orange toes.

His smile is unleashed with the Zzzzz of a zipper, and his expression is filled with happiness and excitement.

Stomper’s story describes how being different (in his case, being much larger than his friends) isn’t a bad thing! Plus, he can keep secrets like nobody’s business!

His Dino form is filled with 7 hidden compartments, perfect for keeping secrets or hiding away trinkets. Best friend material? Definitely!


Here is a video to give a good idea of what the new Stuffies toys are about:

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