Friday, January 17, 2014

One-Stop Shop for Boys - LEGO Creator Sets 2014

The new sets in 2014 among the LEGO Creator lineup are like the one-stop shop of the modern toy world. Especially the triple-threat of knickknacks that I’m about to mention. They’re diverse, creative, and unique – giving youngsters the nudge toward building something from almost nothing.

A few handfuls of connectors and blocks will make high-flying eagles, ready-to-strike scorpions, a robot that can convert into a helicopter, and a jet plane that transforms into an intergalactic defender.

All of these are only 3 of the new LEGO Creator sets for boys, but those sets are also 3-in-1. This means kiddos receive 3 designs of construction awesomeness in every box!

And those 3 proverbial gems are:


LEGO Creator Fierce Flyer Set

This set is comprised of 166 pieces that combine in 3 unique ways to make a high-flying Eagle, venomous Scorpion, and adorably vicious Beaver. The instructions are detailed and concise, allowing amateur builder’s the opportunity to replicate exactly what they see on the pictures.

Each animal’s limbs are fully articulated, and their arsenal of natural abilities makes youngsters want to learn more. Afterwards, kiddos are encouraged to create their own fascinating creatures!


LEGO Creator Construction Hauler Set

Think of everything you’ve ever seen on a construction site that could effortlessly haul mounds of cargo. Now envision that as a LEGO set for little builders, and you’ve got this toy.

Over 100 pieces make 3 construction vehicles that kiddos would normally have to admire from afar. Wheels move, joints are full-functional, and the only thing missing is a miniature conductor to tell the machines where to go and what to do. But I assume your youngster would be more than happy to assume that in-charge role!


LEGO Creator Power Mech Set

Robots have always been top-notch on the list of cool toys that little boys love to receive. And this set is no different! However, instead of 1 buildable action-figurine, there are 3 – all with articulated limbs and unique functions to make any mech-savvy youngster swoon.

There are over 110 stackable pieces that connect and build-upon other segments, creating towering, mechanical devices for kiddos to play with. And while they all have a function that is different than the predecessors, imagination is really what drives each creation.


Video - review of one of the Creator sets listed above on the page:

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