Friday, January 17, 2014

Brilliant Building Ideas with Mega Bloks for Boys

As a little girl, I was constantly creating and crafting to stave-off boredom and utilize my overwhelming artistic urges. While it was rough to be a girly-girl kiddo, I can only imagine what the built-up creativity is like for the younger males of this new generation.

Luckily, there are toy-makers that understand! The new release Mega Bloks sets are designed to battle boredom and provide a buildable, connectable, amazing outlet for little lads.

And out of all of their new releases, 3 new Mega Bloks toys for boys have made the grade to be featured on the following short-list. The bonus? They’re ride with super-cool, always neat-o building ideas to amuse, educate, and entertain those thriving, brilliant minds.


Mega Bloks Halo Cauldron Clash

This set is offering life to what the videogame establishment of Halo is about! From Halo 4, young'uns and mega-devotees have a constructable, multilevel guide called "Requiem" – a genuine scene from a video-game fight in Halo. Spartans are securing the Cauldron from the Prometheans, joining them with other Battle capes to make a superior arsenal for alien-blasting combat.

What's more the perfect is the Clash can be coupled, with different sets to make epic maps that aren't on the Halo video-games. Rather, these consolidations will be all your own, and it’s like reinventing the entire franchise.


Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants Dark Castle Conquest

Taken from the universe of beasts, knights, and bejeweled princesses, this set accompanies several build-able pieces to make the most out of overcoming winged serpents, climbing tower dividers, and sparing a damsel in distress from a horrifying outcome.

A working sling tosses toy sheep over the fields to bait animals far from the manor, while a ch√Ęteau ring vortex is said to house unspeakable malevolence.


Mega Bloks Skylanders Crusher’s Pirate Quest

Roused by the prevalent Skylander Spyro's Adventure movie set, players might appreciate building the 328-piece, 2-in-1 play set, seeing it spring up as a small dock and a privateer ship.

Totally remake your privateer ship into a little dock, propelled by the Cutthroat Carnival! The play set accompanies miniature action-figurines incorporating Crusher, Axecutioner, Cynder and Chompie.


Here is a fun video for the first of the Mega Bloks toys on this page:

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