Friday, January 10, 2014

Super-De-Duper Gadgets for Creative 9-Year Olds

Best Creative Toys for 9 Year Old Kids 2013-2014

Too often the holiday season rolls around and parents are left panicking, wondering frantically what to get their excited youngsters. Take a deep breath and relax!

There’s still time, and the following 3 gadgets have been deemed the best toys for 9-year olds (and a little older).

These toys pack the flair of creativity and imagination that kiddos of this age will enjoy! They’re designed specifically to spark a child’s imaginative sensors, giving them the creative freedom to make something that they can feel accomplished about. It’s all about achievement and fun! There’s nothing quite like watching your child’s face light-up with pride over something they made and perfected.


Crayola Create 2 Destroy Dino Destruction Metropolitan Mayhem

Dinosaurs and cityscapes are a mixture that we usually only see on the Sci-Fi channel. However, it’s a concept that’s super-cool for kiddos with a build-and-destroy streak!

This set includes an ultra-awesome T-Rex with snapping jaws and a strong roar that terrorizes the imaginary citizens of your cutie’s custom city. Colorful clay mashes and molds to create a personalized town scape that is the focal point for ultimate destruction!

And for a parent’s peace of mind, the clay is also non-toxic and made from a blend of Morphix dough – which means no crumbles or irritating mess to clean up after playtime has ended.


Crayola Marker Maker

There are 16 markers to make with this new Crayola set!

Colorful and vivacious hues swirl and mesh in your youngster’s favorites – all with the help of a safe ink-machine for secure marker making.

The machine injects the mixture of inks into each marker felt, and then kids can cap off their new drawing utensils for hours, days, even weeks of coloring fun. Plus, when kiddos run out of ink capsules or colors, parents can purchase refill kits that are absolutely perfect for starting the Crayola marker-making process all over again.


LEGO Chima The Lion CHI Temple (70010)

Crocodiles and Lions? Awesome! This combination isn’t something that’s typically seen in the world of stealthy ninjas, but LEGO has opted for an alternative to the black-clad Martial artists.

These animals have been trained for battle, but the lions are doing the hardest work!

The good-guy mission is protecting the CHI Temple from an all-out Crocodile invasion. While the bad-guy motives are overwhelming and destroying the Lions and claiming the temple as one for the fiercest Chima reptiles. It’s a war that begins with your youngster’s imagination!


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