Thursday, January 16, 2014

Super-Cool Pillow Pets for Pee Wees

The following trio of Pillow Pets toys are not only just for Pee Wees (as in tiny toddlers and youngsters), they’re also named Pee Wees. These smaller-than-average must-haves are cuddly, super-soft, super-cool, and oh-so-snuggly. They’re designed to give bedtime a dose of excitement, as kiddos will likely run, jump, and skip with delight on their way to between the sheets.

I’d love to guarantee that there will be no more arguments or stubborn yelling over a designated bedtime – but there are those young’uns that would prove that guarantee wrong. Some kids simply hate bedtime THAT much! But I can totally guarantee that your little ones will absolutely love cuddling, snuggling, and whispering secrets to one of these new Pillow Pets with a sweet expression and ultra-plush figure.


Pillow Pets Pee Wees – Rexy the T-Rex

Oh-my-gosh! This plush T-Rex is the cutest dinosaur I’ve ever seen! Like all Pillow Pets, he’s super-soft and cuddly, folding with a Velcro-strap across his belly to become a snuggly, supportive pillow. When the strap is unleashed, he expands to resemble a flattened cuddle-buddy with splotchy designs in green, brown, and contrasting white. As one of the favorites in a long-list of Dinos from the prehistoric period, this Tyrannosaurus Rex is more kid-friendly. He has the sharp teeth, but lacks the fierce bite!


Pillow Pets Pee Wees – Puppy Dog

Have you ever seen a cuter canine? I envy you if you say yes! I adore dogs, but this one is probably the most adorable I’ve ever laid eyes on. AND he doesn’t make messes in the floor, chew-up high-heels, or leave drool strings on everything (like my bulldog). But those aren’t his only good points – this miniature Pillow Pet is also super-soft, cuddly, snuggly, and makes the perfect bedtime companion for adults and kiddos alike.


Pillow Pets Pee Wees – Sharky Shark

When I was in college, I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, and this Pillow Pet brings back memories of why. Sharky is a plump, plush cutie with the beady eyes, sharp teeth, and coloring of a Great White. However, he’s got the demeanor of a cuddly kitten or a well-trained pup! His expression is sweet, and his purpose is simple – Sharky drives away those big, bad nightmares with his cuddly snuggles so kiddos can get some much-needed, refreshing shut-eye.


Here is a fun video for Pillow Pets Pee-Wees, to give an idea of what they are about, and why kiddos like them so much.  =)

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