Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Little Boy's Guide to VTech Toys 2014

Dinosaurs have always been a fascination with kiddos, especially little boys with a heart for destruction and super-cool history. This next short-list accumulates the best, Vtech dinosaur toys released in 2013 and popular in 2014, detailing every aspect of mechanical jaws, transforming figures, and tech-savvy weaponry.

These Dino-themed VTech toys for boys were designed to evoke a Jurassic era, coupled with an already-there passion for technology and electronics. However, much to the pleasure of parents everywhere, these toys also require pretend-play and imagination. Little lads are encouraged to feel inspired! Instead of waiting on a tech gadget to “do it all,” youngsters can create scenarios involving their fearsome creatures and fascinating conversions from the prehistoric periods.


VTech Switch and Go Dinos – Quiver the Stygimoloch

Quiver will make you quake! He’s a fierce dino with a blazing beam atop his forehead, which turns (conveniently) into headlights when this dinosaur transforms into a speedy racecar. Kids can create stories about Quiver to match modern times and satisfy their need for a super-cool, unique scenarios. He roars, speaks in electronic tones, and expresses his dismay or approval with snapping teeth, a lashing tail, and low growling grumbles.


VTech Switch and Go Dinos – MC Roar the Giganotosaurus

He's little in stature, however enormous in energy, with 2 modes for tweaked, customizable playtime. His phrases and sounds will teach kiddos fascinating, engrossing certainties about distinctive dinosaurs. Also, he converts from a jaw-snapping mammoth to a super-cool machine. The transformation from animal to vehicle takes seconds with 4-5 clicks that include wheels and auto-themed attributes. The same moves can be quickly reversed, resulting in Gigantosaurus in monstrous, bestial form.

In my opinion, the best part about this Jurassic favorite is his coloring! Purple, silver, and orange combine to create a vintage appearance in his classy car form.


VTech Switch and Go Dinos – Attila the Ankylosaurus

Comprehensive of a wrecking ball, tow snare, and dump trailer, this twist on the Ankylosaurus turns a primitive predator into a super-cool car! Kiddos can finish up the change of this ultra-amazing dinosaur in seconds, clicking him into his vehicular mode with 4-5 straightforward steps. Obviously, definite guidelines are included! When he changes, he's a mechanical machine of with the advantageous systems of a work truck or development vehicle. Children can construct their pieces and wreak extreme demolition with over 70 sounds that are regulated from a development site – minus the chit-chat of laborers.


Here is a cool video for the cool new releases in VTech Switch and Go Dinos:

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