Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Best Kids' Scooters from Razor in 2014

When youngsters start have the get-up and go mentality, most parents don’t consider alternative ways of transportation for their just-toddling toddler. But the fact is that the top kids’ scooters in 2014 are absolutely perfect for kiddos of all ages, giving them a more creative outlet for their everyday move-and-play moments.

And what better company to create this year’s trio of personal favorites than Razor?

With a long history of excellent scooters for young’uns, Razor is my first choice. Their products are reliable, completely safe, and they’re always striving to make their scooters better, giving many parents their peace-of-mind.

And the aforementioned 3 super-cool best kids' scooters from Razor in 2014 are:


Razor Lil’ Kick Scooter

SO cute! This scooter is one of my favorites because it is simply adorable, and perfectly built for ages 2-6. Toddlers can hone their sense of independence and self-confidence with a frame made of welded steel and no-slip wheels that do best on flat surfaces. The 3-wheel design means less accidents as kiddos can practice their kick-start balance, and the handlebars are (of course) adjustable to match the growth rate of your thriving youngster.

The sense of self-reliance that your toddler will gain is totally worth it! Tiny tykes can happily stride-and-glide around their neighborhood with parents in tow.


Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Great for kiddies and roaming teenagers, this scooter offers a little more freedom with a chain-driven motor and a 120-pound weight limit. The speed reaches a pleasant 10mph – perfect for getting to-and-from a nearby friend’s house or making laps around the neighborhood. Younger kids have the benefit of an adjustable handle!

To reach maximum speeds, the scooter needs a small kick-start from the ground, launching up to 3mph before the motor kicks in to fulfill the 7mph gap. From the moment of charge, the ride time is around 40-50 minutes, and the scooter is easily stashed away in a bike rack or garage nook.


Razor A Kick Scooter

The Razor A is a tried-and-true classic from when the company was just beginning – only adjustments and modern upgrades have made this one 100 times better. The colors run a primary gamut of hues like red and blue, and the traditional structure is comprised of aircraft-grade aluminum. The use of this particular materials means a safer ride for your youngsters (and yourself).

The traditional deck is, of course, foot-powered, with a smooth rear-fender brake, adjustable handlebars, and sleek pavement-approved wheels.


Check out this video for 2014 - top kiddos scooters:

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Evanie said...

For the little guys, I would recommend the Radio Flyer (or similar) scooters with the two wheels in front instead of in the back. Since they scoot with their feet in that direction, the two wheels in back get in the way. :)