Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Backyard Fun: Sand & Water Tables for 2014

We have all been there – washing dishes or finishing chores in the house while kiddos play outside. When suddenly, we realize there is way too much silence going on, and we rush out the door. Only to find our youngsters covered in water and mud from head-to-toe with shameless grins plastered on their faces. And all over the new clothes you just finished washing. What an exasperating moment!

Not to fret though – the best sand and water tables in 2014 can satisfy your tyke’s need to get dirty. The combination of sand and water takes place in a designated bowl – and both elements are separated for playing until youngsters decide to mix them.

3 of those aforementioned bests are:


Step2 Shady Oasis Sand & Water Table (shown in photo top-left)

I am a huge fanatic of the Shady Oasis because of the attachable umbrella. The summertime can get incredibly hot with blaring sunshine that could scorch your youngster’s sensitive skin. The umbrella here is the width of the table, allowing kiddos to pile underneath to avoid the heat and UV rays of summertime sunshine.

The compartments are also much bigger than the average sand and water table – capacity for the sand area is 40-pounds and the water area is 3 gallons. That is a whopping amount of amusement for hours!


Jonti-Craft Sensory Sand and Water Table

Perfect for toddlers – this sand and water table was dubbed Sensory because of the unique thought that kids are more stimulated by things that engage their senses.

With this one, they can feel the grains of sand flitting through their fingers, play in cool splashes of separated water, and combine the 2 to make something new. The table is designed with a single length divided in sections for sand, water, and toys to play in both.


ECR4Kids Play Island Table

For some reason, the mere mention of the ECR4Kids Play Island makes me want to adopt a Jamaican accent to explain this one. In short – it is awesome, mon! Perfect for smaller backyards, the table can be quickly assembled in minutes with divided compartments for sand, water, and a mixture of the 2.

From there, kiddos can play and combine with shovels, miniature sailboats, and sand molds. A nifty cover keeps both water and sand clean for days of fun, but on a side note, parents should switch out the water every few days – just to be cautious.


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Just for fun - here is a cool slideshow with the top 5 picks in spring and summer sand and water tables:

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