Monday, May 12, 2014

Beautiful Wooden Swing Sets from Backyard Discovery in 2014

Not only are this year’s best picks in wooden swing sets FROM Backyard Discovery, they are designed specifically FOR backyard discovery. See what I did there? Ha!

These swing sets are absolutely beautiful – some with stained glaze for a rustic appearance, and others with natural woodwork to keep things simple. And all of Backyard Discovery playgrounds seem to have the same superior qualities that make them tower above their competition.

With this in mind, I have picked the top 3 among the best wooden swing sets 2014 that are definitely tops in the B.D. collection for this year.

And those are:


Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Wooden Swing Set

I have always been a huge fanatic of cedar because of the fresh woodsy scent, natural beauty, and honey-hued color. And this one is a favorite because, made entirely from cedar, this playground is gorgeous and resistant to the average wear-and-tear that you would expect.

Toddlers and older kiddos can play for hours at a time on a daily basis, and the playground will look as pristine a year from now as it did the day you assembled it. How come? It’s all in the resilient cedar!


Backyard Discovery Atlantis Wooden Swing Set

Comprised of beautiful, well-treated (non-toxic) wood, this playground is on my list of favorites because of the name. Atlantis. If your youngster knows the story about the lost, underwater city, there are guaranteed to be amazing, imaginative scenarios on this swing set. Dozens of mythical scenes are bound to unfold, and up to 7 kids will be making history by reenacting history. Very cool!

Included here are a curvy green and yellow slide, a gliding teeter-totter, 2 swings, a climbing wall, and an above-ground hideaway house. Beneath that there is also a small nook that could be turned into a sandbox or picnic area.


Backyard Discovery Dayton Cedar Wooden Swing Set

One of the best because it was designed for toddlers, this playground has an 8-foot slide that would be hard to resist. There are also double-belt safety swings, a too-cool trapeze bar, and a miniature treehouse with a canopy to hide-away from the sunshine. And the mini rock-wall provides somewhat of a challenge to get there!

Additionally, beneath the canopied deck, there is a squared-off nook that would make a great sandbox. And you can surround the playground with mulch to make soft landing spots for climbing, sliding, swinging youngsters.


Video - check out the top 5 among the best wooden swing set kits in 2014:

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