Thursday, July 5, 2012

Star Explosion Glow In The Dark - Super Nova!

I'm a writer; an imaginative and creative person with the desire to weave daydreams and tales of wonder for passionate people. This also means that my children are treated to new stories every night for bedtime -- some of them involving the stars and myths surrounding certain constellations. The Star Explosion Glow In The Dark has made that an easier task! Originally purchased based on the top 10 science toys rating, my children and I are making memories every evening based on what we see on their ceiling. It's like looking at the clouds and wondering what shapes they make -- except my kids haven't lost their ability to imagine; therefore, the stories we create are outrageous and always full of adventure. All because of a few glow-in-the-dark additives to their bedroom decor.

What is included in the Star Explosion set?

There are 700 pieces in the Star Explosion Glow In The Dark package! It's like having a planetarium delivered to your doorstep; an entire universe purchased for just under $15. There's everything you could imagine when it comes to celestial stickers -- from galaxies with huge loops and spirals, to comets trailing glowing plastic tails.

How does it work?

The planets and stars have special adhesive on their backs, making it easier to secure them to the ceiling or anywhere else. Each time the shapes are exposed to light, the surfaces will recharge so when the lights go out, they'll glow! There's no order to where you have to stick them and no particular design. You and your kids have free reign over what constellations are made and where all the asteroids are headed -- just use your imagination. The Star Explosion Glow In The Dark can be as much a delight to adults as it is for children.


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