Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crayola Window Markers with Crystal Effects - DIY Prism Pretties

I was an artistic child -- always drawing and finding new things to mark on. It drove my mother crazy! So much so that she wished the same on me -- and thus, over 2 decades later, I have an imaginative little artist of my own. However, I've used what I learned to do and not to do artsy-wise to educate my daughter on the best methods for her painting and creating. The Crayola Window Markers with Crystal Effects is one of those ways. It's the best Crayola toys purchase that I've made since my 10 year old princess was a toddler.

When I was 15, I got the bright idea to paint on my bedroom windows with acrylics and normal brushes -- a good idea when it was night-time and cooler weather, but all the paint started to run, peel, and melt as soon as the glass heated up the next day. With the Crayola Window Markers with Crystal Effects, I don't have to worry about cleaning colorful puddles off the windowsills.

These are better than any paint I've ever tried on windows, even the kind made specifically for stained glass. I don't know who enjoys them more -- me or my daughter! The colors are more vibrant and bold than featured on the packet, complete with 8 different hues that turn into dimensional prisms as you draw.

Luckily, we have plenty of windows in the house! The only complaint I would have for the Crayola Window Markers with Crystal Effects is they don't magically refill after every use. *laughs* While that would be a great additive (although impossible), I've already sent off for 2 more packets. One for myself and one for my daughter -- the 2 artists of the house are marking their domain with bright and beautiful artwork!


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