Sunday, October 14, 2012

On The Top 10 List - Doc Mcstuffins Doll

Does your little girl aspire to be a doctor? Does he or she have a bag full of band-aids and an old stethoscope for good measure? It’s time to upgrade your adoring tyke to the Doc McStuffins Time For Your Check Up Doll. This doll has been dubbed one of the top 10 toys this season based on a criterion of cuteness, interest, and entertainment value.

A classic concept with a modern twist, Doc McStuffins is an interactive doll with mini gadgets for checking her patient’s ears, heart, and temperature. She even sings the “time for your check-up” song, talking in a soothing manner to comfort and reassure her patients. She’s brought along a friend to help demonstrate how to check to make sure someone’s healthy. Lambie is a fluffy pink-trimmed lamb with a heart-warming smile and long eye-lashes. She loves helping Doc when she can!


This set comes with 10 pieces, including a stethoscope and thermometer; all packed away inside the Dr.’s lavender carrying case. She also gives advice to her patients (and her helpers) about how to stay healthy. With her bright eyes and ever-smiling face, she teaches kids the importance of comfort and care. Doc McStuffins is also the perfect size for travel, as she will fit into any suitcase or bookbag. Kids can feel free to tote their toy to show-and-tell at school!


One of the only complaints from parents for this doll has been the price. At a whopping $62.99 if you buy it on Amazon, this is one toy that will require some shopping around before a purchase is made. There’s also the fact that Doc’s helper, Lambie, is the only helper that comes with this set. However, other helpers (like Talking Stuffy or Hippo Hallie) can be bought separately for around $20 a piece.

Here is a short video on the new Doc McStuffins Doll:

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