Saturday, October 13, 2012

Toys For 2012 - The New Furby

Toys 2012 are a mixture of modern meets vintage, as exhibited by the return of one of the 90’s most anticipated toys… the Furby!

Furby was around in the late 1990’s and hit record sales that holiday season with over 40 million toys sold across the world. Kids had to have one! It was the most asked for toy because it was an electronic, robotic, super-cute fur-ball of love with big, batting eyes and the ability to interact with kids. However, interest died slowly because the Furbies only talked Furbish; a language all their own that only they could understand. Now they’re back and better than ever!

Redesigned to be more appealing and highly interactive, the new Furby dolls come in a variety of cool colors and their fur is textured for softness. The toys respond to the voice of their owners, while learning to dance to favorite kid-friendly tunes. Furby holds a great conversation with fellow Furbies and has a special action for when their tummy is tickled, tail pulled, or head petted. The cool (and semi-creepy) thing? Furbies have personalities that are shaped depending on how they’re treated! It’s like having a pet without the mess.

While these Furbies also speak Furbish, the more English (or another native language) they hear, the more they’ll talk back in that language. There’s also a Furbish dictionary available on for owners who want to interact with their new toy in a language the Furby will understand. For IPhone or IPad users, there’s a free app with cool sayings and phrases you can teach your new toy.

Overall, the 2012 Furby is more advanced and expected to be more popular this time around. With an intelligence level and an adaptable personality, this could prove to be the coolest revised toy this season.

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