Sunday, October 14, 2012

2012 Knick-Knacks For Girls - The Lalaloopsy Doll

Modern girls are fashionable and beautiful, striving to make their dolls and knick-knacks the same. Ranked as one of the best toys for kids 2012, Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star Doll – Harmony B. Sharp is a style savvy doll with fashion-sense to go around.

She loves having her hair done, singing the whole time to a melodious beat in her head (beneath all those cute pink curls). She’s a soulful sweetheart with a symphony in her spirit, and she wants to share it with your little princess. Her cat, Kitty Rattles, is a frazzled feline with a bowtie and a meow to match his master’s singing voice.

Also included in this set is everything your little girl needs to make Harmony into a stunning performer. With different variations to choose from, she can be the debonair cutie with a top hat and a high note. Or she can don the pigtails for a Shirley Temple type number on the open stage. She has 6 different hairstyles with designated songs for each style; plus, her pigtails spin as she dances and sings. Her fully articulated limbs also makes it easy to pose in a curtsy or a bow at the end of each routine.

Running on battery power, this doll comes with a stage all her own. When plugged in, she twists at the waist and waves her arms to get her audience involved in the songs she’s singing. It’s quite a performance! Although, she’ll still sing without the dancing when unplugged from her stage-like perch. When Harmony’s in her dressing room for downtime, she has a rack for all her fashion accessories. This makes clean-up a cinch and little girls are less likely to lose valuable pieces. This doll is sure to charm your little girl with her lyrical beauty and funky fashion-sense.


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