Tuesday, October 9, 2012

K’Nex Toys - For Imaginative Boys

From the age of 9 and up, little boys become adventurous, imaginative, and selective when it comes to what qualities their toys have. Most will stray from the world of immobile green soldiers and action figures to pursue a more creative outlet – something that allows them to invent and construct their dreams. The new K’nex toys nurture a growing boy’s need for productive expression with gadgets that require concentration, skill, and a great deal of time. These aren’t toys that can be thrown together in the span of an hour; in fact, some of their larger 2012 knick-knacks could take over a week to build (bathroom breaks, school, and food accounted for).

One of their most popular toys right now is the K'Nex Atomic Coaster; a fully functional roller-coaster that stands over 4 feet tall with dozens of structural possibilities. An instruction manual can be used for the first round of building with a prototypical picture of what the coaster would look like when completed. However, afterwards, children are encouraged to admire their efforts for a few days before knocking it down and building something entirely different, direct from their imaginations. This kit is expansive with over 1200 pieces to keep track of, providing a substantial challenge to even the most seasoned and determined builder. Although, with time and effort, the colorful rods and stray parts transform into a towering thrill ride for mini-figurines.

With some adult help, little boys younger than 9 can also try their hand at building the coaster. Think of a bonding tool between father and son. Or cool off that sibling rivalry and get younger and older brothers together for team-work. Either way, when completed, the K’nex coaster’s 2 mini-cars will zoom across chain lifts and rails in the same fashion a real roller-coaster’s cars would.


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