Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rainy Days for Girls - Indoors Toys 2012-2013

Live Butterfly Garden @ Amazon
Surprisingly, the top toys for girls age 10 and up aren’t something they can play with outside; they’re meant for a mostly indoor environment. Dubbed rainy day devices, these toys bring the joys of being outside to inside when weather has grown cold, damp, and dreary. What are these miraculous indoor activities?

Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden

Bringing the magic of butterflies inside when April has one too many showers, this set includes a waterproof PVC fabric shell. It’s 100% reusable and collapses after use for easy storage. Especially great for homeschooled children, this kit would provide the perfect science experiment in the comfort of your own home. Included is a mail-in voucher ($5.00 fee) for 5 butterfly larvae and the special food to sustain them. Your kids will watch as the larvae go through the stages until a butterfly is reborn from a cocoon. Afterwards, your tykes can let the butterflies go out into the wild, storing the collapsible “garden” until next Spring when a new coupon can be mailed for more larvae and new experiences.
Olivia House Set @ Amazon
LEGO Friend’s Olivia House

Comprised of almost 700 pieces, this LEGO set is the best for little girls who like to spend hours building, rebuilding, and decorating. 3 mini-figurine dolls (Olivia, Mom, and Dad) and a sweet cat named Kitty accompany this pack with tons of fun accessories (hairbrush, cherries, milk carton – everything your kids needs to build a comfortable living space for dolls). There’s no specific order for these LEGO blocks, as the manufacturers wanted to give kids as much creative freedom as possible -- although, there is a small instruction manual to get them started. As soon as the rooms are built, the decorations and furniture can be arranged to offer Olivia’s miniature family a cozy place to be.

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