Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mega Bloks – Automobiles - Whirl N’ Twirl Race Car

Vehicles are something a little boy will become interested in at a young age. There’s just something about going fast around those dangerous curves in between the living room furniture. Or putting the pedal to the floor down a stretch of hardwood floor in the hallway. Your future race car driver will be happy to know that the new Mega Bloks toys is rife with automobiles.

As a matter of fact, one of those toys IS an automobile! Dubbed the Whirl N’ Twirl Race Car, this mini vehicle gets as much mileage as your son is willing to go. Colored bright red with a determined cartoon smile and bright eyes, it’s a car that will have your little boy doing post-race victory dances in the front yard.

What else does the Whirl N’ Twirl do?

Named for a reason, the caster wheels ensure that curves are taken at a smooth pace. Instead of flipping on a snag in the carpet or a tear in linoleum, this racer glides over floor imperfections like they weren’t there. They’re quick-turning to keep up with his little feet, while a checkered flag announces his fluttering arrival. The colors are also vibrant and eye-catching with the decal “88” for your son’s pre-picked racing number.

Your little racer also has a storage trunk hidden in the seat. This will allow him to tote other toys, making cleaning an entertaining and fun activity. Or he can race sick teddybears to the doctor!

Purchase on Amazon for only $24.99 (excluding shipping), this little car is perfect for your tyke’s first-ever racer. He’ll grow into all those Corvettes and vehicles of his dreams later. For now, let him be your mini race car driver with a car that will make him smile from ear to ear. It’s an investment in your cutie-pie’s happiness!


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