Saturday, October 13, 2012

Top Toy For Toddlers - Let’s Play Hoops!

It’s tough being a toddler. Your legs are growing while your torso is still short and it’s hard to do what all the other kids are doing, like playing sports. Ranked as one of the top 10 toys for boys 3 years and up, the Easy Score Basketball Set From Little Tikes lets toddlers feel a part of the game. This set includes an over-sized rim and a junior-sized basketball for perfect shots every time. Plus, an adjustable backboard slides to match your little man’s height, allowing for the ultimate slam dunks and 3 point throws. There are 6 height settings from 2 feet to 4 feet and the junior-size basketball offers the ideal grip for little hands. The set’s base is made of light-weight, easy-to-maneuver plastic; however, it can be weighted down with sand (not included) for an outdoor hoop that won’t budge.

Not only is this a great toy for physical activity and toddler health, it also teaches coordination, coupled with motor skills and social interaction. It’s an amazing bonding tool between father and son, as well.

What are other parents saying?

“From right out of the box, both of my kids spent hours shooting hoops. The weird part? Neither of them have ever played or even picked up a basketball! With a 3 year old boy and a tall-for-her-age 4 year old girl, we set the height at 3 feet to start off, which seemed perfect for both of them. I also noticed friendly competition happening and they didn’t fight once over the ball. I’m impressed with this set!”

“This is surprisingly secure and durable for a well-built piece of heavy plastic. The ball was also properly filled with just the right amount of air and didn’t go flat once. My little boy enjoyed bounding across the yard to make flying slam dunks like his idols on T.V. and I got the satisfaction of being ‘the greatest Dad ever!’”

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