Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Outdoors for Angry Birds - The 2012 Invasion

This time last year, not many people knew what Angry Birds was or what it would turn out to be. Now there are new Angry Birds toys for children springing up everywhere! 2012 has marked the proverbial invasion of the beaked heroes as they defend their feathered friends against the onslaught of constructive green piggies. However, these aren’t your traditional games for download on the latest electronic gadget. Nor should they be played on rainy days unless you want ruffled pigeons launched through your living room. These are outdoor versions of the best AB scenarios, ranging from the anti-gravity to the original construction site.

One example is the Angry Birds Indoor and Outdoor 3D Action Game; an AB-themed play-set that is reminiscent of carnival bean bag tosses mixed with Twister. It’s best used in an outside setting, as no mom wants a stray bird to break her favorite vase. The game is as simple as the typical application download – only without the expensive electronics. Kids (and entire families) are required to build structures out of slender blocks, housing the tweeting pals of the irritated ABs. The pigs surround the structure in an attempt to ward off the launched attacks. The object of this particular game though is to knock over the make-shift prisons while scoring the highest on a numbered mat. Wherever the pig lands, that’s how many points are earned! Plus, the mat and all pieces will fit neatly into a cotton bag provided in the 3D package.

While the aforementioned game is specific to an outdoors environment, almost any AB toy can be played on soft grassy terrain or smooth concrete. There are expected to be more of these outdoorsy hits later in the year! This is welcomed news to families who bond over the AB games, attempting to one up each other in a match of giggles and wits.

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