Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gadgets For Girls 2012-2013 - Technology & Knick-Knacks

To decide the top 10 toys for girls age 7 and up, I found myself examining the ever-changing world of modern technology for children. These days, interaction is key for holding a youngster’s interest and there is no shortage of electronic gadgets to choose from. However, not all parents want to gift their little girl with a $300 iPad meant for adults – which is why manufacturers have been working hard in 2012 to bring kids electronics designed specifically for them. For example…

iTikes Map
iTikes Map Explorer

Entertaining and educational, this geography-based tablet features 6 maps on a variety of subjects. Kids can explore all 50 states in America, followed by a trip outer space with the Solar System map, and a groove through music in cultures from around the world. They’ll also be able to travel back in time to a land of dinosaurs and Neanderthals with the Prehistoric North America map, before plummeting into the world of cats and dogs as these maps take them to see pets that they may have never seen before. On their journey, kids will be given an opportunity to prove their knowledge with fun quizzes at the end of each map.

Tabeo Tablet

Tabeo 7" Kids Tablet

This tablet has been revered as one of the best for kids because after the $259.00 (without shipping) that’s spent to buy it, there’s barely anything else spent on upkeep. Pre-loaded with 50 kid-friendly apps (like Angry Birds and Cut the Rug), this tablet also offers over 7,000 other games and applications for free download. Plus, a built-in speaker, microphone, and front camera makes it possible for several games to be interactive, giving kids the opportunity to put their pictures in the apps. The multi-touch screen and Ice Cream Sandwich Andriod styling means this tablet is light, durable, travel-ready, and an instant hit in your home.

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