Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Toys for Girls 7 Years and Up 2012-2013

Finding the best toys for 7 year old girls can be a difficult feat; it’s an age where they’re flourishing as “tweens” -- the in-between that puts them right in the middle of being a teenager and a little kid. Their interests are ever changing with a focal point that’s split between creativity and music (mostly boy bands who are defined as “oh so hot!”). So, where does a parent begin? The following 2 toys have been ranked as some of the best, offering growing girls an artistic outlet with one, and a star-struck moment with the other.


Gelarti Designer Studio

This creative set has it all! Focusing on making colorful and vibrant stickers, your little lady is well equipped with 4 pens, a marbling tool, several sheets of pre-stuck stickers (minus the color), and 3D accessories. All it takes is a smooth, clean surface and a squeeze of the paint pen to bring out her personality. After they dry, she can give each sticker a unique twist with the marbling tool, mixing colors to match her favorites. From there, she just peels and sticks – anywhere! This is a great way for girls to decorate their notebooks, journals, laptop, bedroom furniture, and so much more.


1D Collector Dolls

Featuring all 5 members (sold separately), these One Direction dolls represent one of the most popular boy bands of the year. Straight from Britain, these boys have wooed the world and your daughter is sure to swoon over their realistic likeness. Each doll is fully articulated and able to pop debonair poses. Plus, each doll is decked out in signature fashion accessories, reflecting the personality of the boys in the band – from Liam’s button-down shirt, khaki pants, and high-tops to Harry’s sophisticated sweater and hiking-style boots. Your princess will feel like the “Only Girl(in the world)” with these dolls.


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