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Monstrous & Amazing - Dolls for 2012

“Dot Dead Gorgeous” Dolls @ Amazon
When shopping for dolls for girls, it’s important to keep the selection modern, amusing, and interactive. Very few little girls of 2012 would settle for a Raggedy Ann doll or any Barbie made before the 1990’s. Which is why manufacturers these days have taken steps towards making their dolls fashionable and trendy with attitudes and personalities to match. The following 3 examples are the most talked about dolls this season and the ones that are sure to be at the top of Christmas lists.

Monster High “Dot Dead Gorgeous” Dolls

Featuring ghastly ghouls and beastly boys, these modern-day monsters are anything but mean. They’re funny, wicked, and just regular everyday teenagers who want to dance, date, and have fun. Fan favorites like Spectra Vondergeist and Abbey Bominable make this batch with their super-chic costumes and outrageous hairstyles. Fully articulated, these girls and guys are poseable and excellent!


Hairmonies Dolls @ Amazon
Hairmonies Dolls

Little ladies are drawn to dolls with big “ga-ga” eyes with full lashes, pouty lips, and a look of pure innocence. However, this expression has to be coupled with trendy fashion sense, awesome hair, and a to-die-for mix of fun accessories to spice up every doll’s nightlife. Beautiful as additions to a toy box or naptime snuggle buddies, these dolls are collectable, durable, and built to last through the usual gum-in-hair, tantrum-throwing moments of most tiny tykes.


1D Collector Dolls @ Amazon
1D Collector Dolls

If your preteen goes crazy over the boys in the band, these dolls are perfect! Based on the likenesses of each individual member in One Direction, there are 5 dolls to choose from; all wearing similar clothes to fit the unique personality of the real guys on stage. Your little girl will get a private toy box performance with imitated imaginary vocals, singing songs like “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Only Girl (in the world).

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