Sunday, October 28, 2012

Movement For Mini Misses - Dance Til’ You Drop

Twister Dance @ Amazon
Finding the perfect toys for girls age 8 and up isn’t just a simple afternoon to-do; it’s a quest that many parents may not feel up to conquering alone. The age range is a difficult one to pinpoint and little girls are flourishing fast into tittering teens. However, toys that combine physical movement with musical favorites are always a winner in the book of the hard to buy for. What are the latest and greatest for your growing gal this Christmas?

Twister Dance

Pre-loaded with 5 cool tunes (including Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Willow, and Cupid), this is a battery-powered device reminiscent of the 90’s Bop it! Game. While original Twister has people down in all kinds of crazy positions, this toy combines movement and music to make gaming great. An extra bonus is that some of the dance moves have actually been featured in the videos of today’s hottest and brightest stars (such as the one who have lent their music to this game). How do you play? There are 8 moveable spots that adhere to any floor surface and a small manual of instructions. Your groovin’ preteen presses the play button and launches into a series of dance moves to keep up with the flashing lights and thumping beats of the Twister. Not only is this a great way to get your little ladies up and moving, it’s also something fun for the family to do together.


Furby @ Amazon

Maybe your tot has grown out of dolls and stuffed animals, but they’ve never met a Furby quite like this one. Whole new lineups of these fast-talking, gibberish-adoring fur-balls have hit stores just in time for the holiday season. Available in a wider range of colors, these Furbies will dance and toddle with your mini-misses to the tune of her favorite iPod beats.

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