Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Electric Kids Cars - The Toy Tips

Most children are forced to wait until they’re at least 3 years of age to get their first electric kids cars. This means younger kids are stuck with pedaling trikes until they’re old enough to handle the 2-4 mph drive of a push-button motor. However, manufacturers have begun adding tips to their instruction manuals, suggesting to parents to let younger children try their hand at driving their older siblings electric car. Some of the tips are…

It’s important to assess a child’s abilities and then choose the car accordingly

If your 18 month old wants to hop on his 4 year old brother’s Power Wheels Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 Lil’ Quad, be prepared to supervise. The battery-powered 4-wheeler has enough “get up and go” to send your tot tumbling, which is why it’s meant for children with a stronger grip. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with age; therefore, if your 18 month old feels ready to take on a motorized tyke trike, see how he does and go from there.

Battery powered is the way to go

Younger children will likely play on their electric cars more than older children will because the interest won’t fade so fast. They’ll still feel excited about going for a ride down the driveway with Dad after dinner. This also means they’ll not only be riding after dinner, but before and in-between snacks and after preschool. Battery life is very important and parents should feel obligated to get a kid-friendly car that can be charged for a few hours every night to re-energize for the big day tomorrow.

Safety First

For younger drivers of electric cars, safety is a huge concern for parents (or it should be). Equip your tiny tot with a helmet and pads in case of a minor collision with a counter, table, or tree.

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