Saturday, October 13, 2012

Toys For 3 Years And Up - Mr. Mouse Breakdances!

Mickey Mouse is one of the most beloved icons of the last several generations, and one of the most inspiring for themed knick-knacks for kids. Ranked as one of best toys for 3 year old boys, the Fisher-Price Master Moves Mickey M3 kicks off a toddler dance party with a funky beat and insane moves. Breakdancing and pulling out 360 spins, his signature move is a handstand; all battery powered and interactive with your dancing tot. 8 original tracks enhance the M-O-U-S-E in the house experience as Mickey busts 15 dance moves in rapid succession.

What do other parents think of this toy for their children?

It’s the consensus of over 20 parental reviews that Mickey is a new beloved toy in their household. Some parents point out that their dogs and pets are weary of the breakdancing plaything, but that’s to be expected. The same parents also recommend a hard surface for Mickey to dance on, as gravel or carpet may slow him down with snags to his chic designer duds.

There’s also the issue with size.  Unfortunately, Magic Mickey isn’t considered a bedtime snuggle toy at over a foot in length (15 inches) and almost all hard-plastic under softer cloth. The structure makes for great durability as this toy was designed to move quite a bit, but kids will find it difficult to cuddle with this when it’s time to sleep. Instead, Mickey should be reserved for the toy box in the wee hours until your child is ready to play with him again.

It’s natural for children to want to mimic the dance moves; however, parents should exercise caution as this is a plastic device performing, and not an actual living being. Keep a close eye on your little one to ensure their safety while they dance with Magic Mickey.

Here is a video with more information on the new "Master Moves Mickey" for 2012:

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