Sunday, October 14, 2012

Super Heroes For 10 and Up - The Funhouse Escape

Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape set
When it comes to toys for 10 year old boys, there has to be a designed combo of adventure, mystery, and amusement. Unfortunately, modern kids spend too much time in front of their computers or gaming consoles, which is why most parents would love if toy companies brought their merchandise back to the basics. One such company that has heard the cry of these desperate parents is LEGO – of course! With the release of the LEGO Super Heroes The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape set, pre-teens are taken back to square one, where constructing the toy was as much fun as playing with it afterwards.

What makes this set so great?

The Dynamic Duo refers to Batman and Robin, while a trio of villains is bent on the heroes’ destruction. Harley Quinn, The Riddler, and the Joker team up to capture Robin, hoping to lure the Batman out of his elusive cave. Over 200 buildable pieces means this set is a challenge for intermediate builders; however, it’s well worth it. When put together, the funhouse features trap doors, several weapons, a mini rollercoaster, and a moving floor; plus, there’s a fully functional crane lift for Joker’s dastardly hidden deeds.

There’s also a bonus as each set includes a Batman comic book, inspiring kids to re-enact scenes and create new ones from their flourishing imaginations. In addition, mini-figurines can be bought separately for more villainous action inside the funhouse. Who could do without the Penguin or Catwoman? Or add to the collection of super heroes; turning the duo into a quartet with LEGO figurines like Aquaman or Ironman (sold separately).

Like with most LEGO sets, there are nearly limitless possibilities to how much creativity a child can get from these toys. Perfect for little boys, these are sets with the potential to last through generations of fun.

Here is a cool video short for this LEGO set:

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