Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Themed K’Nex Toys - Mario Fanatics

The best K'Nex toys for kids this season will be the ones with a theme. Our favorite? Mario! Who doesn’t love squashing goombas, defeating a gigantic dinosaur, and saving a beautiful princess? As a classic game that has become popular on almost all video game devices (including Wii), it’s a no-brainer that someone would eventually turn these pixelated heroes into realistic action figurines. You might be asking, “But wait… doesn’t K’Nex make building blocks?” Yes! Which is why this new line of Mario-inspired toys is so great; kids can actually build their favorites from the Wii game of Mario Kart.


Nintendo Yoshi and Standard Bike Building Set

Yoshi is a fierce in-game competitor who has never gotten the recognition he deserves. With this building set, kids can construct Yoshi’s tough-wheeled motorcycle, giving him the opportunity to crush the competition in the next race. Featured in all his realistic green glory, his bike is a bright blue with purple spoke accents and a few egg-shaped decals to match. 33 parts ensure that this is a quick put-together for seasoned little builders.

Mario and Yoshi vs Stone Bowser Building Set

Mario and Yoshi team up in bright carts of green and red in an attempt to thwart stone Bowser and his fire-breathing antics. However, when the master dinosaur falls, all bets are off and it’s a direct race to the finish line. Also featuring the villainous mayhem of Bullet Bill and Green Turtle, this set includes 30 pieces of buildable track with a closed loop and battery powered motors for the karts.

Nintendo Bowser and Standard Kart Building Set

While tracks are fun to put together, it’s the characters that make the whole race worthwhile. This Bowser set comes with over 60 pieces to construct the Wii-inspired Kart with a grinning, determined dino-master behind the wheel. Special roadster decals and turbo engine pipes complete a ferocious look.


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