Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mega Bloks – The Classics - Tried & True

Mega Bloks toys for boys were designed to maintain a classic feel and function. They don’t need high-powered electronics or tons of batteries to make a toy entertaining, engaging, and amusing. All they need is an idea or a favorite concept that has been tried and true through generations. For example, the Mega Bloks Create N’ Play Ultimate Building Set is a large blue storage container, packed to the brim with over 450 pieces. This includes vehicle parts to build cars, helicopters, airplanes, and a slew of other mobile related knick-knacks.

Designed for an age range of 4 and up (because of small pieces), this is a wholesome set that every parent can relate to. Before Mega Bloks, there were other manufacturers with similar ideas – to make a toy that would keep kids busy for hours at a time. This deluxe building set is all-encompassing, allowing children to create from their imaginations and display their efforts afterwards. The bricks won’t pop off or disconnect at random. Nor will their creations break for no reason. Sturdy enough to withstand the toy-related abuse that only an eager child can bestow, these building pieces will take your child to new heights.

What about clean up?

450 pieces can make a mess! However, the container is made from hard plastic and acts as a tub for all building parts. It makes clean up easy! All your child has to do is scoop the pieces up and dump them back into the bucket. This container is also a space saver, as it’s compact enough to fit in a closet or toy box. Each set leaves a little room at the top of the clean up tub for extras that your child may receive in the future. All mini-figurines and building blocks will have a secure place to go until the next play date!

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