Sunday, October 14, 2012

LEGO Hero Factory - You Need a Hero!

Little boys usually have a flair for daring heroics and adventure – plus, a fondness for anything electronic, robotic, or technological. It’s for this reason that LEGO 2012 has released their new line of Hero Factory figurines; a set of toys that strives to capture all interests of tykes from age 6 and beyond. While Hero Factory is still a new concept, kids don’t have to be familiar with the line to love the products. Engaging, entertaining, and just plain fun to put together, these action figures will be the highlight of your little boy’s growing toy box collection.

A few of the figures and their functions are: 


LEGO Hero Factory Stringer

One of the most fierce in the hero line-up is Stringer; a “no mercy” robotic mercenary with a grudge against villains. He’s the protector; the strong-man; the one your little boy will turn to when the boogeyman threatens to invade his peaceful dreams. Sealed in a $9.99 package, this figure is suited up with black, blue, and steel-grey armor, complete with a sonic blaster and amplified sonic speakers. He’s ready to give those bad guys a noisy salutation!


LEGO Hero Factory Nex

Decked out in orange and yellow, Nex is the laid-back plasma-loving good guy. His limbs are highly flexible for ultimate posing, while his precision laser cutters will slice the competition in two. For enemies who have decided to run away, a plasma ball shooter goes long distances, eliminating hard-to-reach bad guys in a split second.


LEGO Hero Factory Thornraxx

You’ve never seen a deadlier villain! Thornraxx is a mechanical wasp on pure evil. With a deadly stinger chock full of powerful venom, it will be a challenge for the hero squad to save the day from this monstrous bug. At only $8.99 (without shipping), this insect will make one tough obstacle for any hero in your son’s collection. 

For more info on the LEGO collections for this year, visit:

Here is a video on the new LEGO Hero Factory Sets for 2012:

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