Sunday, October 14, 2012

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Apptivity Angry Birds
It’s been my experience that finding toys for 7 year old boys is really difficult! My twin sons are at that stage where nothing is “cool” except for electronic gadgets and expensive technological knick-knacks. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with their changing interests! The Apptivity Angry Birds toy was my little dream come true as soon as I heard about it. I bought 2 – one for each boy, and so far, I haven’t heard a peep or a bored sigh.

Here’s what I’ve learned about these toys in the brief time I got to fiddle with them:

It’s imperative for there to be as many iPads as there are Apptivity Angry Bird sets; otherwise, if you have multiple kids (like me), there will be fighting over who goes first and so on. Not a problem here! However, it’s a heads up for other parents.

Kids guide their King Pig icon over the iPad screen, activating 4 new game levels where the pigs trade places with the birds. Instead of launching feathered friends, you’re sending the piglets soaring at a structure made of beaks and squawking pigeons. How does it work? There are sensors under the pig that automatically unlock these new scenes and levels as soon as the pig’s bottom touches the iPad screen. The resulting layouts are pretty cool!

I was especially surprised with the price of these King Pigs. At $10 per set, it was definitely worth that and more. I guess the manufacturers figure if you’ve bought the iPad, you’ve paid enough. Haha! Right now, my boys have a bet to see who can get through all 4 levels first. Neither has gotten through even one. But when they do, you can bet that I’ll be there to take my turn and hurl the same flying piggies at that flock of proverbial crows.


Here is a short video on the new "apptivity" games:

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