Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Traveling With Angry Birds - For Kids on the Go

Does your family travel constantly, kids in tow? Is your little boy often irritable when he’s stuck in the backseat with nothing to do for hours at a time? Some companies have begun creating travel games and toys specifically for the family who is always on the go from one adventure to the next. One favorite amongst those bored little boys and girls are the Angry Birds toys; the games and gadgets based on AB scenarios from the popular downloadable app. Mini-versions for backseat entertainment, these themed knick-knacks will send small birds soaring from one area of the car to the next. Parents will smile to hear the squeal of triumph, rather than the whining of an un-amused tot. A few examples of AB-themed toys that can be used as travel distractions are…

K'Nex Angry Birds Red Bird vs Small Minion Pig

The original concept for this small game was based on Angry Birds in Space; a series of downloadable app scenarios that featured the beaked brigade amidst craters, moons, and anti-gravity. With the K’Nex set, there are 27 pieces – including the package (used as a building block) and 2 mini-figures (Super red bird and Small minion pig). There are also small bricks to stack and a buildable mini-launcher. The package provides enough of a flat surface to be able to play anywhere, and kids can be entertained for hours while trying to construct the perfect fortress.

K’Nex Angry Birds Lightning Bird vs Frozen Helmet Pig

Similar to the aforementioned red bird and minion pig set, this travel game features a brightly colored thunderbolt bird known as “Lightning” – and his cold-hearted nemesis, “Frozen Helmet.” The aim here is the same as the original AB game. Build, launch, and destroy! Everything a little traveler needs is in the package.

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