Sunday, October 14, 2012

Toys For 4 Years And Up - Little Explorers

iTikes Map Explorer
Are you raising a little explorer? Is he enamored with cartoons that revolve around traveling around the world, searching for rare items and lost artifacts? Does he talk about roaming the globe, trusty puppy and compass in tow? If he’s at that age where the entire world is a place of wonder and adventure, indulge his interests with one of the best toys for 4 year old boys – the iTikes Map Explorer. This gadget contains 6 innovative maps for little boys who seek to find the world’s long buried secrets, unlocking the mysteries of the universe.

For parents with iPhones or other Apple devices, there is app-based game play for your tyke. If you’d prefer to wait on the technology a little longer, there’s the option for stand-alone play where a smart pen is used to guide children through an array of interesting places.

What types of maps are there?

The US Map

Your child can learn fun facts about America with a quiz following each exploration into a different state. With 50 states in total, this is quite a challenge for the beginning explorer as the difficulty levels can be set as your little traveler becomes well-versed in U.S. history and geography.

The Cat & Dog Map

This feature introduces animals from allover the world that are kept as pets in certain cultures. It goes from the domestic animals we know (like cats and dogs) to animals that aren’t the norm in the U.S. (like tigers or monkies).

The Solar System Map

This is exactly what it sounds like! This map gives an up-close view of all planets and galaxies that orbit the sun, while explaining where stars come from and how many moons certain planets have. It also teaches kids about meteor showers, allowing them to actively watch an on-screen shooting star.

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