Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Melissa & Doug Jumbos - Gigantic Jungle

Melissa & Dough Plush Orangutan @ Amazon
Melissa & Doug toys are a staple in my household. I’m always impressed with their new line of toys every year; therefore, I was really excited to see that they are putting out giant stuffed animals. These seemed like the perfect addition for my little girl’s room, as she loves everything animal-related and lives for jungle themes.

What did we wind up getting?

Melissa & Dough Plush Orangutan

This stuffed animal looked so real that I expected it to start moving as soon as we took it out of the shipping box. It’s a good 2 feet in height and at least 18” in width with bright orange fur, a pleasant expression, and bright eyes. His fur is very soft and his body is plush, as if stuffed with micro-fiber or feathers. It says for ages 3 and up, which is a good estimate considering my youngest is 18 months old and terrified of it. But the one I bought it for is 5 years old and loves his expressive eyes and the way his fur feels when she hugs him.


Melissa & Doug Panda @ Amazon
Melissa & Doug Plush Panda

This one has been more popular with my 18 month old because she adores Panda Bears! He’s the same size as the Orangutan with shorter fur and bigger eyes. He’s also a little rounder (as Pandas are) and silkier. His arms are long enough to encircle both my daughters at the same time, and they love falling asleep on him while watching television. His expression is pure innocence, and I imagine he’d be a very loveable and sweet pet.

Overall, our experience with the new gigantic stuffed animals has been a good one. We hope to add a lion, tiger, and elephant to the collection in a few weeks, turning my kid’s playroom into a little jungle. 


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