Tuesday, October 30, 2012

As Seen On TV - Bedtime Toys 2012-2013

My Pillow Pets @ Amazon Toys
Advertising in 2012 is very unique and toys have to stand up to a list of criterion to even be considered for a commercial. Most stuffed animals these days have other functions and these are the ones that are featured in the “As Seen On TV” boxes in retail outlets. They’re the snuggliest, cuddliest, softest, and cutest in the batch of new commercial toys, and they’re coming to you in the following list:

My Pillow Pets

By now, everyone has seen these advertisements as they’ve moved from late night infomercials to legit after-school specials. Perfect for ages 3 and up, these machine washable fur balls are stuffed animals AND pillows. They’re made for snuggling, as well as a good place to kids to lay their heads during naptime. Super-plush and great for travel, there are a multitude of different animals represented – from pandas, to puppies, and penguins.


Dream Lites @ Amazon Toys
Dream Lites Pillow Pets

On the hills of the original Pillow Pets are those that light up and provide a trifecta of cuddling, sleeping, and soothing for tired kids. Plush and pretty, each dream lite is actually a battery-powered wheel of multi-colored lenses in the pet’s back. The panel on top is soft for easy cuddling, but stenciled with star shapes to make a galactic light show on your child’s ceiling for 20 minutes before bedtime. Your tyke can also press the button again and again to get the same dazzling effects if it takes longer for them to go to sleep.


CuddleUppets @ Amazon

Great for bedtime or anything, these stuffed animals are both blankets and puppets. During playtime, kids can give life to their pink poodles or purple monkies (and many more!) with imagination. When energy has run down and the sun has set for the evening, the cuddling can begin under their puppet that doubles as a plush, lengthy blankie.


Find more adorable stuffed animal toys for kids - the best this year:


Here is a video to get more information on one of the toys above - Dream Lites Pillow Pets:

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