Sunday, October 14, 2012

Toys For 7 Year and Up - RC Shark Attack!

Illumivor Radio Controlled Mecha Shark
When deciding on the best toys for boys age 7, parents should consider the educational and amusing elements beforehand. Ask yourself these questions…

Will this toy enrich my child’s life?
Is it durable and long-lasting?
Is this a toy that I can trust him with?
Will he enjoy this toy for years to come?

If the answer to all of those questions is yes, or at least a solid positive maybe, then you’ve spotted an ideal toy for your little boy. Although, allow me to cut out the questioning and steer you towards the Illumivor Radio Controlled Mecha Shark; a new gadget that meets with a resounding “YES!” on all counts. This toy is an 18-inch version of a Great White Shark in all its grinning glory. Perfect for day play, but even better as it glows in night’s darkness, this shark makes menacing sounds from over 100 feet away when the “attack” button on the control is pressed. Operating on a 9-volt battery plus 6 AAs (not included), this is a creature that is part cyborg, part shark, and complete carnivore!

Parent Reviews:

“My son just turned 7 and this is what he got for his birthday. At first, he seemed scared of it. But after a few hours of tinkering with it, he took it to his room where I would hear shark sounds every time he woke up later that night. My only beef with this toy is how much it cost. At $119.54 (without shipping), I expected it to be more than just over a foot in length. However, since my son is happy, it was money well spent.”

“Believe it or not, my boys love to watch this shark as they fall asleep at night. I could never stare at a demonic sea creature before drifting off to dreamland, but so far, it’s working and there have been no shark-related nightmares.”

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