Sunday, October 28, 2012

Designing Toys For Moms and Daughters - Bonding Creations

All Duct Out @ Amazon
Parents are often overwhelmed by the thought of coloring or drawing with their kids because a child’s toys are so advanced and complicated these days. Even coloring books seem to be in 3D with plastic touch-screen. For old-school parents who long for artistic bonding time with their daughters, the following toys have been deemed the best toys for girls age 9 and up.

Alex Toys All Duct Out

Dads will appreciate the awesomeness of this toy, as each creation is made entirely from duct tape! Little ladies are given several duct tape colors (no dull silver or grey) to make a belt, some jewelry, and a pair of funky sunglasses. From there, they can let their creativity fly free with leftover duct tape for shoe designs, interesting clothing accessories, or a piece of hanging art that really “pops.” The duct tape in this kit is thinner and more durable than traditional duct tape, meaning your gals will have an easier time getting creative with the typical hardware accessory. This set also comes with shape templates, a hole-punch, non-stick sticker tape, and 7 (narrow to wide) rolls of multi-colored tape. There’s also pre-cut fabric for fashionable creations!


Design Station @ Amazon
Color Splasherz Design Station

For moms who want to teach their daughters how to accessorize, this design station offers a bonding experience over a slew of multi-colored beads and strings. A handy booklet allows girls to gain ideas of what they can create from 4 colorful pendants, 135 non-changing beads, 15 changing beads, and several sheets of awesome decals and stickers. What is the difference between changing and non-changing beads? The changing beads will transform from one color to another in hot or cold water, while the non-changing beads are stuck in one hue. It’s a unique way to always have something new to accessorize with.

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