Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Teddy Bears Galore - Teddies For Tots

Pillow Pets Pee Wee Panda @ Amazon
What makes the best teddy bears? Aside from the obvious answer of “manufacturers,” I’d imagine the best would be snuggly, cuddly, soft, and transportable. They’d be large enough to keep a child warm and secure during a thunderstorm or a frightening nightmare. Although, they’d be small enough to fit into a backpack for a trip to school on a show-and-tell day or lengthy car ride to grandma’s house. Below, you’ll find 2 real parents with 2 real reviews about 2 of their children’s favorite teddy bears who have truly been dubbed “the best.”

Pillow Pet Pee Wees – Panda Bear

“I’m an indulgent momma, and as you can see, I’ll also be the first to admit it. So when my little girl begged for a panda bear, I found the pee wee pillow pet to be the perfect size for a 3 year old. What do I love about it? It lays flat and doesn’t bunch up in the washing machine. It’s also easy to dry and stains don’t stay stuck in the panda’s fur. What does my daughter like about it? Everything else! She absolutely adores the way “Chu’s” fur is soft and his face is plushy. She totes him around the house and attempts to feed him cereal, as well as bathe him in the bathtub. I’m beginning to believe she’ll never want for a traditional baby doll while she has “Chu.”


Corduroy 13” Teddy @ Amazon
Corduroy 13” Teddy Bear

“I remember reading about Corduroy when I was a kid, so I was really impressed and excited when my son asked me for a teddy bear in Corduroy’s likeness. Since then, the bear sits cozily by at bedtime as we read the book he’s named after. Plus, my son hasn’t had a single nightmare in the whole 2 months that we’ve had this teddy bear. I’d rank that ‘the best’ in my book!”


Here is a video - more info on the Pillow Pets Pee-Wees stuffed animals:

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