Sunday, October 28, 2012

Baby Dolls For Little Ladies - Cuties & Sweethearts

Does your little girl carry around her assortment of Barbie dolls, pretending their crying babies who need the nourishment of their loving mother? Are you planning on getting her a special toy for Christmas – one that she’ll be proud to nurture and adore in favor of her too-small action figurines? Below you’ll find a couple of the best baby dolls for girls to get you started in the right direction.


Stella Baby Doll @ Amazon
Manhattan Toy Stella Baby Doll

This is a simple designed baby doll that is easy to nurture. Made from a soft, plush material, this doll is one of the most detailed that your little girl could own. With a life-like belly button and definition of her toes and fingers, she’s the equivalent of a well-behaved quiet child who has been well taken care of by her adoring momma. Included are a removable diaper, two-piece sleeper outfit, and a pacifier that attaches with a magnet. Your toddler will love mimicking her own mother as she rocks, cradles, and nurses this baby to sleep. It’s a great teaching device as well – offering little girls the chance to be great big sisters while waiting for the arrival of their real baby sibling.


Hug ‘n Giggle Doll @ Amazon
Fisher Price Hug ‘n Giggle Baby Doll

Simple and well designed, this baby doll giggles and coos as her tummy is squeezed. She’s the perfect size for cuddling and loves taking afternoon naps with her new mommy. Machine-washable, she’s decked out in a cute jumper with a sing-song symbol on the belly. Her sleeper cap hides a ringlet blonde curl and her blue eyes are vibrant, lighting up as she stares with love at her nurturer. She also does great in a walker, and as a training doll for little girls with expectant mothers. This is a doll that can be passed down from one generation to the next!


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