Wednesday, October 24, 2012

LEGOs for Little Ladies - Seasonal Goodies 2012

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar
The toys for girls age 6 2012 has produced a line-up of new and unique playthings, giving kids the opportunity to ask Santa for something different this Christmas. However, parents are a different story, as some toys were designed to be given before Christmas in anticipation of the coming holidays. For example…

The LEGO Friends Advent Calendar

This is a really cool idea for little girls who are used to getting those dollar-store advent activities. Those are all cheap chocolate and little imagination, but LEGO takes the concept to a whole new and amazing level. The countdown to Christmas in Heartlake City begins on December 1st and right on until Christmas morning. Everyday your little girl will open a new flapped gift, leading to the big reveal of 24 mini-presents in 24 days. These might include mini-dolls (people and pets), building blocks, snowmen, and much more!

Are there any cons to buying this set?

Some parents have mentioned the price, which does seem a little steep at almost $60 without shipping. However, kids are getting one LEGO surprise per day for 24 days, making them smile happily for almost the entire month of December. This fact is priceless!

What are other parents saying?

“My 6 year old was very happy with this set, but I was disappointed that there’s a horse on the cover and none in the box. It says that accessories will vary; therefore, I don’t call false advertising, but I have yet to hear of anyone else getting a mini-doll pony in their version of this play set. I realize it’s not Christmas yet (only October), but I couldn’t say no to my daughter’s little pleas. I definitely think this set helps gain an interest in LEGOs from young ladies – especially since before it was considered (in my household, at least) a boy’s toy.”

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Here is a commercial for the LEGO Friends - this is not for the Advent Calendar set, but can give you a good idea of what this lineup of LEGOs is all about:

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