Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where to Buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon

Webkinz Whimsy DragonWhere to Buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon

Wow, there sure has been a lot of hullaballoo in the world of Webkinz fans on the Webkinz Whimsy Dragon! This cute little Webkinz has become one of the most cherished and wanted Webkinz ever, and certainly for the year of 2008. If you are wanting to buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon, but have been frustrated about the price tag, I can help. :)

I've done a bit of looking into various resources who carry and have Webkinz Whimsy Dragon for sale, and some of the prices are a bit - how do you say - "over the top!" But some resources are actually more in line with the actual current demand for them, and far more reasonable.

Here are my suggestions on where to buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon online:
  1. - In the last few days I've actually seen the price to buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon fluctuate quite a bit on Amazon. Currently (as of this writing) the price is around $13.00. (Sigh) - that's better than $50, eh? A couple of days ago it was $18. Just check it out and see what the price is at. If it's $15 or less, that's a great deal! - Buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon on

  2. - Some advice when buying Webkinz Whimsy Dragon on eBay - first, make sure to check the seller's ratings to ensure that you are buying from a resource that is dependable and will ship quickly with the product being in good condition. My second piece of advice when shopping on eBay - don't let your desire to buy lure you into an auction that is getting out of hand. You can actually buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon for a lower price on eBay than anywhere else if you "play your cards" right. If you see an auction going to $20, $30 or more, just back out of it. You simply don't have to pay that much for it - Buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon on eBay
For the sake of convenience, I am including the 10 most current eBay auctions for Webkinz Whimsy Dragon right here on this page - check them out below:

If you're going to buy Webkinz Whimsy Dragon - I hope this post helps you out!

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you can buy 36 on ebay!